January 2020 update

To say that I am relieved January is over is an understatement. I can’t recall a more miserable month in recent times. I spent the first half sick with a very bad cold and then chest infection requiring me to take time off work. Not something I felt good doing during my probation period, but it was all fine as I passed. Not only did I have to make my salary stretch from 19th December to the 31st January, I had to pay all sorts of annual subscriptions and bills from Christmas. Combine that with money spent on some home … Continue reading January 2020 update

Why I’m not stressing about the next big crash.

  Every year we hear the media’s views on what is likely to happen in the upcoming year, and every year they are almost certainly wrong. Whether they predict what will happen in politics, the world or in finance it will inevitably be so far from what actually happens there is little point in bothering. Who would have predicted that Notre Dame would burn down, Boris Johnson would win a landslide election and Britain would still not have left the EU?   With it being such great clickbait for news outlets to have stories that foretell of the devastation of … Continue reading Why I’m not stressing about the next big crash.

Want to FIRE? Be like the Dude…

It occurred to me that before Mr Money Mustache there was a man.    ‘Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the Dude, in Los Angeles.’   Not only is the Big Lebowski my favourite film of all time, but it is also a cult classic. I must have seen the film over 20 times and I enjoy it every time. For those of you not familiar with the film, it was released in 1998 and follows Jeffery Lebowski aka “The Dude” as he and his hapless … Continue reading Want to FIRE? Be like the Dude…

My decade and the most important thing to achieve a healthy financial life.

This decade has been the first decade where I have been a fully-fledged adult for the entire time. There have been many ups and down, as I’m sure anyone will have experienced, through out. For me the following landmarks occurred:   Ups: Moved to London for the second time – 2010; Obtained my status as a Chartered Civil Engineer – 2012; Bought my flat in London – 2012; Started studying Law – 2015 Met my girlfriend – 2017; Took a gap year to study for the Bar – 2017; Called to the Bar – 2018; Discovering FIRE – 2018; Travelled … Continue reading My decade and the most important thing to achieve a healthy financial life.