September 2020 – big spending alert!

September came and went. We had a nice Indian summer here in London, with some hot and sunny days, followed by a plunge back into Autumn. Autumn is my favourtie season. Mainly because of the colours, the temperate weather, which suits my Scottish body’s ability to deal with heat, and it’s a great time to drink lots of beer. With Oktoberfest cancelled due to Covid 19, my plans to go back to Munich this year were scuppered, so I’ve had a few boozy days in London instead. Its been great catching up with mates and not worrying about spending thanks … Continue reading September 2020 – big spending alert!

Living and working abroad: can you get to FIRE sooner?

As someone who wants to be financially independent, I have done many things throughout my life to help get me there (whether I knew it or not!). I am not from a wealthy family, so all that I have has been earned by yours truly. However, I want to share what could be the biggest life hack to getting you to FIRE. Working overseas! At the moment, working overseas is rather tricky affair with COVID 19. However, this is a time to think and reflect, and lets face it, moving overseas is a big deal that requires an element of … Continue reading Living and working abroad: can you get to FIRE sooner?

August update – some very good news!

It’s that time again! The Playing with Fire monthly update that no one asked to see! I have some special news for you, so keep reading until the end! August has been a great month. Firstly, it was my birthday on the 4th, so that was good. Secondly, the same week, I got a job, my girlfriend got a job, and so did my sister. I’ve started my job and its great. Very different, but essentially I’m reviewing construction projects in dispute. The firm offered me the same money I was on before (£80k), but I have the opportunity for … Continue reading August update – some very good news!