I am a 36-year-old male, living in London, UK.  I live with my lovely girlfriend.

I work construction project management at present but have aspirations to change career…

I have been reading a lot about the FIRE movement since I came across it in September 2018, and I have started to dabble in the philosophy a bit. There are a great many resources out there, and many are extremely useful. The main thing about these resources is they are very US-focused. As I live in London in the UK, I decided that it may be helpful to document my experiences with using FIRE in a UK context.

I started my blog mainly to hold myself accountable and as I didn’t realise there are other bloggers in the UK. However, thankfully it seems I was wrong – I’ve been delighted to find other UK bloggers, but I still wish to share my progress and any wisdom I encounter.

I want to remain anonymous so that I may share real figures with you.

Also, I didn’t name my blog after the documentary “Playing with Fire”… that was a happy coincidence. Infact it’s more likely he nabbed the name from me…